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The effects of a serious injury can be life-changing. Not only are you likely to require intensive medical treatment, but the quality of your life may suffer as a result of reduced mobility and independence, extensive scarring, and psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.

Our Claim Help Team of serious injury solicitors is ready to take on board the complexities of your case and help you secure the best outcome possible. We offer legal services that represent clients in both common law and personal injury claims, making us experts in dealing with all types of accident settlements.

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What is Serious Injury?

What is Serious Injury?

In legal terms, a serious injury is one that results in permanent or life-changing damage. It can also include injuries requiring extended hospitalization, particularly involving significant time in an intensive care unit.

The consequences of a serious injury are long-lasting (sometimes life-long), wide-ranging, and can affect all aspects of life. Injuries that affect mobility and independence can lead to restrictions on occupation, recreation, and family members' lives. In addition, they place an emotional strain on the victim due to scarring and disfigurement.

We Are More than Just Solicitors

We Are More than Just Solicitors

Our lawyers have a track record of securing favourable results for clients, achieving remarkable compensation payouts in the process.

We have worked on behalf of clients who have suffered serious injuries in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Road traffic accidents involving cars, motorcycles, vans and lorries
  • Trips and falls at work
  • Military injuries
  • Public transport cases involving buses, the London Underground, and rail networks
  • Defective products
  • Catastrophic injuries due to medical negligence
  • Workplace accidents and industrial illnesses
  • Criminal injuries
  • Employer liability claims
  • Childhood accidents at home, school, and play areas.

Our experience, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of personal injury law has won us a reputation as one of the UK's leading personal injury law firms. We are committed to providing legal services tailored specifically to meet each individual's requirements, whether through negotiating directly with insurers or litigating in court if necessary.

Types of Serious Injury Claims

Types of Serious Injury Claims

Types of injuries likely to be seen as 'serious' by the courts include:

  • Traumatic brain injury – where severe head trauma occurs, including concussion and skull fracture
  • Major organ failure – affecting any of the internal organs of the body such as the heart, lungs, liver, or kidneys
  • Life-threatening injuries – where catastrophic damage occurs to a part of the body such as the brain or spinal cord
  • Physical issues - such as scarring, mobility limitations, chronic pain, restricted range of movement, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – also referred to as acquired brain injury, head trauma, and intracranial injuries. This is damage to the brain following impact or force to the head.
  • Amputation - the loss of a limb or limbs, whether partial or complete.
Our Approach to Serious Injury Claims

Our Approach to Serious Injury Claims

We understand that sustaining a serious injury is distressing and may also create financial difficulties in the form of hefty medical bills and lost income due to the inability to work. With this in mind, we take on board all factors when calculating compensation payments for our clients, including:

  • Loss of earnings (past and future)
  • Dependency or loss of services suffered by family members
  • Costs of ongoing medical care (including special equipment or treatment).

We are not your typical personal injury law firm. We take the time to get to know our clients' needs and explain everything in their case. This means our clients feel more at ease about what's involved, knowing where they stand with their claim, treatment, or "no win no fee" agreement (or conditional fee arrangement, where applicable).

Pain and suffering Claims in Serious Injuries

Pain and suffering Claims in Serious Injuries

Many types of accidents cause not only physical injuries but psychological ones too. This aspect is particularly relevant in personal injury claims, whether it is a road traffic accident, a slip and fall incident, or an assault. As such, we consider the wider implications when calculating compensation settlements regarding:

  • Unbearable pain and suffering.
  • Loss of quality of life.
  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Depression and emotional distress.

These injury-related effects can lead to lifestyle changes, including the victim taking time off work or needing to move home.

Insurance companies may try to argue against paying settlement amounts for these additional implications, but it's our job as lawyers to prove they are valid and make sure you receive everything you are legally entitled to.

Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death claim can be brought when someone dies due to another person's negligence or breach of duty. This type of personal injury claim is different from other forms because it includes compensation for the family members who have lost a loved one.

Examples include:

  • A disabled child killed at home or in school.
  • A car accident that leads to the death of a passenger or another road user.
  • A workplace accident that kills workers.
  • Death in a car, bus, motorcycle, or bicycle crash.

As such, wrongful death claims can be complex and require much attention to detail when making a claim.

We will take over your case from the outset and find out what happened so we can establish if any party is guilty of negligence. This involves carrying out our thorough investigation, which includes taking witness statements and examining any evidence carefully. If this shows that someone else is to blame for your loss, we will negotiate with the at-fault party or their insurance company, so you receive the maximum amount in compensation payments.

For a serious injury that resulted in wrongful death, we will help you get compensation for:

Loss of earnings (past and future).

  • Medical costs.
  • Funeral costs.
  • Any damage caused to property or land, including loss of use.
  • Pain and suffering on behalf of the deceased's spouse/partner, children, parents, siblings, etc. This includes any psychological suffering they may be experiencing thanks to the loss of their loved one.

Wrongful death claims can be complicated, but our solicitors are here to make sure you get everything you're entitled to after a fatal accident or incident occurred through no fault of your own.

What Are The Benefits Of Going With Us?

What Are The Benefits Of Going With Us?

We offer a free initial consultation for most cases, where you will be able to gain an initial insight into the complexity of your case and receive advice on how we can assist you.

As soon as one of our solicitors takes over you claim, we will:

  • Provide a dedicated, single point of contact
  • Handle all communication with insurers and medical experts on your behalf.
  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Coordinate the management of your case from start to finish.

We represent our clients throughout England & Wales. We regularly travel long distances without extra cost to meet with new and existing clients, including people who live in rural areas. We can offer a fixed fee or a "no win no fee" fee agreement in most cases.

Contact our injury law firm today to receive all the information you need to make an informed decision about your claim.

What Happens If I Win My Injury Claim?

What Happens If I Win My Injury Claim?

The sum you get will be explicit to you and the effect of your physical injury. Figuring pay is a specialist skill – and one that needs expert legal advisors to ensure you get the amount you merit. The last settlement will rely upon various elements – not least how far you're ready to recuperate from your wounds.

What Is The Legal Process?

What Is The Legal Process?

When you make an appointment with one of our solicitors, you will answer a questionnaire that covers the basic details of your injury-related incident. This includes the following questions:

  • What happened to you? And what were the circumstances involved in your accident or injury? How did it happen? When was the incident, and do you know who else was there at the time? How long have you been dealing with your injury? Have you sought any medical attention as a result of your injuries? Have you made a claim for benefits or taken any other action to try and resolve the matter?
  • If we take on your case, our solicitors will then set about gathering all available evidence from witnesses, doctors, and police officers.
  • We will also initiate a medical examination and discuss with you, in detail, what you need to do to help your claim.
What is the Average Compensation for Serious Injuries?

What is the Average Compensation for Serious Injuries?

This question cannot be answered with a set figure because every injury is different and personal injury compensation varies greatly in value.

Generally, however, we would expect the following types of injuries to result in significant sums:

  • A fractured skull that required brain surgery.
  • Intensive care treatment for weeks or months on end.
  • Loss of sight in one eye.
  • Traumatic brain injury

Contact us to get an estimate of how much your injury claim is.

How Long Does a Serious Injury Claim Take to Settle?

How long it takes to settle a serious injury claim depends on several factors, including:

  • The severity of your injuries,
  • The extent of the damage done to you
  • How quickly you recover from your injuries

If you make an appointment with one of our solicitors today, we will explain the process in more detail after considering all the evidence we collect and the medical information we receive.

What are the time limits?

Injury Claims are Time-Bound

Injured victims have up to 3 years to make a compensation claim, which is commonly known as a 'statute bar' or limitation period.

If you do not bring a personal injury claim against another party before this time limit expires, you can no longer legally make your claim in court and receive damages for your injuries.

Can we replace your current solicitors?

Can we replace your current solicitors?

We can handle your case if you already have a solicitor. You will need to gain the permission of your current solicitor before we can begin work on your case, and we will require full disclosure of all details and evidence from them.

If you would like our help with this, please let us know once we take your case.

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In any event, our fees are paid from a cash compensation award secured for you from the person who caused this injury to you, so you have nothing to lose and everything gained through successful legal support.

We are looking forward to bringing justice to you soon.

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This range of compensation covers the amputation of both complete arms, the amputation of a single arm, or whether an arm is amputated partially or completely. Future restrictions will also be considered. (This figure doesn't take into account special damages).
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